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~Making Waves~ is very new. We currently have a full crew unless otherwise stated in this section and on our notice boards in the Reception Area and the landing point as well as in the Estate Office. We insist that all applications are from Residents with at least 30 days experience. Most places insist on 60-90 days! Money is earned through tipping only. There is no salary as such. The availability of work depends on how busy we are. Typically we need Managers, Hosts, DJ's and Dancers. You can find the details in this section.

Currently we have vacancies for Managers


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~Making Waves~ needs an additional manager to help Asi & the crew. The idea candidate will be someone who is always around. A regular with plenty of online time who loves the adult scene in Second Life. You will be expected to spend a lot of time here and entertain our guests. Talk to Asi in the first instance and send a notecard ( application form below ) about yourself and why you are suited to become the next manager at ~Making Waves~ to Skye or Alara Ravenhurst.

See detail below for a full description of this important role.
Crew ~ Making Waves~ On the good ship ~Making Waves~ it is essential that we make our guests feel very welcome. There are several jobs that need doing to make a club run effectively. ~Making Waves~ is no different. Here is a breakdown of each and every individual role within ~Making Waves~ Owners It is the owners responbility to ensure that the rent is paid. The owner needs to be in touch with the crew on a regular basis. At party times the owner is often working behind the scenes to ensure that notices go out, that IM's are sent... (More)
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Dancers Thank you for taking an interest in our position for Dancer at our club. The position requires you to dance for the club section during events and parties that we will hold on the Yacht. Most nights be dancing on Saturdays from 12pm (slt) up to and possibly until 4pm (maybe even later depending on mood of the night). There maybe events or parties that we hold on other days, which we will give plenty of notice. You will be asked to use the pole and to be able to dance naked. Unless there is a costumed event where... (More)